Let’s Do This Together…

Structure Supports Spontaneity!


The Common Challenges:

  • Life constantly throws stuff at me, but I cannot catch up.
  • My emails, voicemails, todo lists and notes just keep piling up; I am running out of time!
  • I have great ideas, but get easily distracted, frustrated and forget a lot; something has to change.

My name is Holger, I live and work in Pacific Grove, California.

I am available to you — more like a professional friend — to face the seemingly insurmountable challenge of improving your operations while you seem to drown in being busy.

Life is precious!
Being alive, able and aware to function, to create value for others and ourselves is such an awesome gift; let’s not waste it!


Thinking allowed, thinking aloud:
We live in a culture that overemphasizes consuming and striving. Is our fulfillment really in the “more” of this world?

  • Enjoy your increased capacity to work, delegate and collaborate.
  • No more “sorry, I forgot”.
  • Don’t overcommit yourself anymore.
  • Rush or hush? You can think only one thought at a time.


  • Your mind is like a beautiful garden, a cared for space, not a random wasteland.
  • Invest a little time daily to prepare the ground, pull some weeds and enjoy getting more done.
  • Consciously face, prune and fertilize your daily challenges.
  • We get easily intimidated by stress and even our own thoughts.

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“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do.
It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.”
–David Allen

Declutter your Mind

I am not selling you short-term excitement but fun-da-mental tools, habits and attitudes to establish and integrate your peace of mind while you hustle and bustle in the world.


Stress-free Productivity

Over the years I studied and incorporated many workable ways to reduce Mental Confetti; to pro-actively convert psychological stress and drama into enjoyable, stress-free productivity.

In our culture we put great effort into impressing other people, but tend to invest little care into our own mental hygiene and inner well-being.

Where the rubber hits the road...

With telephone, computers and all the paraphernalia of “modern” life we easily overload our system. For a long time we can plough through stress, but we always pay a price.

One Thought

With too much on our mind we degrade from creativity into reactivity; more stress will burn more hours, will not improve the quality of your work or life.

I invite you to calm down for a moment and to acknowledge that you can think only one thought at a time! For me this was an amazing discovery.

With this in mind we cannot be busy anymore — theoretically (-;

Thinking Aloud, Thinking Allowed

If you can risk a little openness then it will be easy for us to welcome positive change to your unique operations; tailored for your aims and circumstances.

Trusted System

My main tool is the computer, the Internet, the cloud; but we can also use paper and pen, if those are your tools of the moment.

Please don’t hesitate contacting me; working together will be delightful and empowering.

You will discover skills that can serve you for the rest of your life.

Immediate Clarity

Together we will look at your projects, goals and priorities, to put them effortlessly and playfully into the computer, into a safe and trusted system.

Depending on your individual circumstances we might use Trello.com or Asana.com — free-to-start, but powerful online productivity tools that can be accessed wherever you are.

Inner Space

It is an organic process in which you can experience immediate inner space that gives you fresh air to breath and more space to maneuver intelligently through your life, work, business; your art.

You will be able to securely access your data from any Internet device; you will learn how to gather important ideas, inspirations, commitments and digital assets into one trusted system.

It is not rocket-science, but the enjoyable mastery of what otherwise might float randomly in your mind, wasting precious energy.

Fun and Productive

You will feel a great sense of release, peace and new confidence by literally thinking outside the box.

Processing your thoughts and details outside of your head gives you a new perspective; instead of being overwhelmed you will enjoy your new freedom and increased reliability.

Rush or Hush?

The computer as your tool, your hub, but not your master; your decision what to do next is still intuitive, but you will have a solid foundation to either save energy while doing the same work, or to venture out into new opportunities.

The choice is yours, but together we keep it fun and productive without adding extra burden to you. Life is more than paying bills.


Book Appointment

In Person

Icebreaker: $30 / 30 minutes
To test our chemistry, and to give you a brief hands-on overview at my computer in Pacific Grove. [Order Now] or email@holger.us
That's The Work: $60 / 60 minutes
Let’s do this together: Learn the program, empty your mind, develop muscle memory, feel empowered. A focused one-one-one hands-on session at my computer in Pacific Grove. [Order Now]
Outcall: $75 / 1 hour
At your office/studio, on the Monterey Peninsula. [Order Now]
New-Me Package: $180 / 3 meetings one-on-one, 1 hour each
Keep the momentum and make it your own.
Bonus: Receive the “a minute a day” generic email for 21 days to stay in the flow, to leave behind procrastination and excuses. [Order Now]
On-demand: $1 / 1 minute
Whatever it takes, email or Skype to address questions, to stay committed. I don’t enjoy telephone too much, please email me or leave a brief focused voice message.


Email Program

A minute a day: $21 / 21 days
Everybody can do that! Receive a daily generic email with simple instructions to acquire the taste of stress-free productivity. Bypass your poor-me and get into the zone with small baby-steps. [Order Now]
Your Commitment Device : $210 / 21 days
You are worth it! Receive a daily customized email for 21 days, with simple steps tailored for you. You agree to consciously reply to each email within 24 hours, otherwise the program will be cancelled without any refund. I cannot do your work, but I can assist you to get momentum for positive change.
Bonus: if you previously bought the Icebreaker then I gift you a free one hour session at my computer. I want to see you flourish and enjoy your productivity. [Order Now]


I often choose not to answer the phone when I work, when I am in a meeting, when I drive, eat, or walk.

Please don’t feel discouraged; your voice message will reach me in my email inbox, which is a good place to move things forward.

(831) 275-0747.



“If you focus on success, you’ll have stress.
But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed.”
–Deepak Chopra


“If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend.”
–Kris Carr


“Holger Hubbs continues to provide his technical expertise and creativity enabling me to reach far beyond my expectations in utilizing and extending my effectiveness in the use of my computer.”
–Walter Bilger, Artist & Counselor (Seaside)


“Hi @holgerhubbs Thanks for bringing your organizational tools and insights into my life. You may have made all the difference in making this work. Thanks for the invoice.”
–Rhett Smith, Wellness & Sustainability (Monterey)
Wave Street Studios


“[Holger] You continue (as usual) to amaze me with the quality and diversity of your mind and artistic talents. Thank you so very much for the lovely wonderful full of energy and beauty card. I am very fortunate to know you and have you value me enough to share yourself and your creations. Thank you.
–Julian Bills, Hotel Broker (Carmel)

Beyond Pride and Procrastination…

Where to start?
Please make up your mind and choose from the above options.

I would love to help you for free, but since I cannot print my own money I have to accept Paypal, check or cash.

For the “icebreaker” ($30) we could also meet over a good cup of tea or coffee at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, or maybe take a walk at the boardwalk at Asilomar, or directly dive into my computer in Pacific Grove.


Disclaimer: By choosing my services you agree to think clearly for yourself, and not to measure your success by short term feelings or moods, but to keep alive the vision of long-term stress-free productivity.

I share my tools, habits and attitudes based on my own experience and struggle. At some point you might naturally sense resistance in yourself; avoi-dance of change.

There is great power, freedom and joy in discerning the paper tigers of the mind, and to be dedicated to what you really want.

I sincerely suggest to not run away but instead to gently face, allow and examine any challenge that appears on the screen of consciousness; ego cannot stand the light of simple clear seeing.

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”


Holger Hubbs



More details: ToolsHabitsAttitudes.com >>> Book appointment >>> email@holger.us >>> (831) 275-0747