“Don’t Resist Evil…” 10% OFF for Frustrated People.

“Don’t Resist Evil…”

10% OFF for Frustrated People.


Don’t resist evil” has nothing to do with religion, but it is highly universal and practical for everyone: “Look at your problems, don’t run away.”

Face your tensions, your pains, your struggle…
We tend to escape into premature solutions, busyness, over-thinking, over-eating, unhealthy entertainment etc., all those things that have become “normal”.

Consider handling your mind in a pro-active way; it is no psychology, just clear seeing combined with a little discipline, bravery and humility.

If you are open for some simple hands-on (computer-based) ways on how to declutter your mind, how to increase your capacity, how to better collaborate with others, how to experience again peace and joy then don’t procrastinate:

In Person in Pacific Grove, on the Monterey Peninsula, or online.

It is not rocket-science, and we keep it fun and focused.

Greetings from 11th Street in PG,


PS: We all deal with busy minds and the resulting anxieties and negative health effects; but we rarely talk about it, or deal with it in a respectful, creative and insightful way.

Your particular circumstances or drama is of no interest to me. Our session focuses on tools, habits and attitudes that you can immediately apply to your level of comfort and confidence.

I share with you methodologies and tools to cultivate the garden of your mind, and encourage you not to be intimidated by your own thoughts and feelings of resistance or eagerness. Mind is a powerful tool, but we often believe to live under its tyranny.


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