Read Me…

Mental Confetti

I am not here to sell you some excitement, but to introduce hands-on tools and opportunities for you to streamline your mental operations, affecting your projects, your business.


Be interested in your Self

See where you drain precious mental energies; shine the light into the dark corners of your day-to-day grind where distractions and open loops slowly burn you out.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

For most of my life I thought I am the only one who struggles with mental confetti, with all the noise, stress, fear and expectation mind can create:

“The way we see determines what we see.”

The show must go on?

For the longest time we can fake things and compensate by pushing harder. But eventually we have to stop keeping our attention locked up in a bubble, because we feel intimidated even by our own thoughts. or

I often choose not to answer the phone when I work, when I am in a meeting, when I drive, eat, or walk at the beach.

Please don’t feel discouraged; your voice message will reach me in my email inbox, which is a good place to move things forward.


God is a drama queen

Not to push your buttons — no shame, no blame, no guilt…

I just love the Bible with its language and symbology; to explore myself beyond the confines of our current culture and expectations.

What is the cause of the phenomena of life? Or in other words: why do things happen in my life?

This is the timeless question. The ancients called the cause “God”; and we screwed it up with religion and made it into something outside far off.

Atheist or believer? Both live in the same Universe. The challenge is to utilize our beliefs as stepping-stones and not as barriers.

My interest is not a belief system, not more ideas or mental cleverness, but to experience, enjoy and share what works best.


Back to Reality?

It is not rocket-science to experience clarity, efficiency and peace in your own mind and operations.

Your interest and energy ignites itself as soon as you experience that things are improving for you.

Working together is what makes things move in life — it take a universe to make a sandwich.

Could it be that simple?

I spent many years suffering my own mental confetti; but this pushed me towards examining and improving my own tools, habits and attitudes.

If you are open, then it shouldn’t be hard for us to introduce positive change to your unique operations; tailored for your aims and circumstances.

My main tool is the computer, the Internet, the cloud; but we can also use paper and pen, if those are your tools of the moment.

Beyond pride and procrastination…

Please don’t hesitate contacting me; working together will be delightful and empowering.

You will discover skills that can serve you for the rest of your life.

Where to start?
We can meet over a cup of tea or coffee at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, or directly dive in at my home office in PG.


Holger Hubbs

Pacific Gro(o)ve, California 93950