Let’s Do This Together…

Declutter your Mind

I am not selling you excitement but fun-da-mental tools, habits and attitudes to streamline the way you deal with your own mind and the things life constantly throws at you.


Rekindle Joy & Energy

See where you drain precious mental energies; shine the light into the gray corners of your day-to-day grind where distractions and open loops might slowly burn you out.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Procrastination has its place in life, but do it consciously, without excuses. Allow me to share some great tools and habits that help me to deal with mental confetti, with all the noise, stress, fear and expectation mind can create.


Thinking Aloud, Thinking Allowed

If you can risk a little openness then it will be easy for us to welcome positive change to your unique operations; tailored for your aims and circumstances.

My main tool is the computer, the Internet, the cloud; but we can also use paper and pen, if those are your tools of the moment.

Please don’t hesitate contacting me; working together will be delightful and empowering.

You will discover skills that can serve you for the rest of your life.

Beyond Pride and Procrastination…

Where to start?
We can meet over a good cup of tea or coffee at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, or maybe take a walk at the boardwalk at Asilomar, or directly dive into the computer (either your’s or mine).

My first 30 minutes are free, as an icebreaker;
after that my regular rate is $60 per hour.
I am adding value to your life, art and business.


Holger Hubbs

Say Hello!


I often choose not to answer the phone when I work, when I am in a meeting, when I drive, eat, or walk at the beach.

Please don’t feel discouraged; your voice message will reach me in my email inbox, which is a good place to move things forward.

Holger@MentalConfetti.com or email@Holger.us, (831) 275-0747.