Concepts Are Pointers


Excerpt from Roger Castillo:

“I can’t emphasize this more that the concepts are pointers and the pointers need to be followed not believed; and the pointers are always pointing to our experience.

So they’re really saying verify whatever is suggested for yourself based on your own investigation of your own daily life.

So real change real learning happens when it’s a byproduct of what is experienced.

If we draw conclusions based on what is experienced then those conclusions are not merely conceptual. And so that means that we really need to put our attention on what is being experienced what is happening on an experiential level.

So it’s encouraging a looking on the level of actuality or experience rather than keeping the concepts in our head and imagining that we understand them.

And so the great news is that this looking happens automatically, if a little switch goes off in the head that says: actually the only job I have which isn’t even really my job is to allow the concepts that have become part of my up-to-date-conditioning to see what’s happening in life really.

If we want to be specific with dynamics that might happen because I’m making it very clear that it’s very important and so I’m putting out new conditioning that hopefully becomes part of the up-to-date-conditioning.

And then attention automatically goes from the head into daily living onto the experience where the dynamics are actually happening and then the dynamics can get seen so it isn’t even our doing it’s not something you have to do it’s something that will happen if I make the point strongly enough.”

Excerpt from Roger Castillo’s Satsang
A spontaneous Stop.”


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