Happiness is our true nature,
but we seek it where it cannot be found.

Happiness is not in the realm of pleasure/pain;
it is always present, but we miss it due to a misguided sense of self.

I am available to meet with you one-on-one, to debunk suffering, to experience inner space; and If there is an interest, to explore liberating concepts and their implications for practical daily living:

Stress-free Productivity

Mind is a precious tool,
but not a place to live in.

• Get things out of your head,
into a trusted system,
• Process/review frequently.

The End of Suffering

Suffering is the me-narrative
we add to our experiencing.

The sense of lack and separation:
• 10% misguided thinking,
• 90% muscle-memory.

“The greatest gift one can render Humanity
is to recognize one’s true nature.”

I am Holger Hubbs, living in California with wife,
daughter (1/4 of 48), a cute small dog
and three guinea pigs.

I spent 50+ years being more or less unhappy.

From early on I was attracted to spirituality and self-knowledge, but mostly in my head, misused as a pain-killer, without much critical thinking, without real human interchange.

At one point I was a Certified Massage Therapist,
which gave me deeper insights into our collective sickness,
the amazing maze of thinking and
the presence of biological intelligence.

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex

Many of my misconceptions and fears were clarified by meeting Magdi Badawy, Rupert Spira, Roger Castillo, Gautam Sachdeva et al. on Zoom and in person.

In 2020 I started meeting “strangers” online, which turned out to be priceless in regard to feeling myself and being touched by heart; to embrace the gift of life, to experience that we have much more in common than what separates us:

I am available to meet with you one-on-one
to be practical, to celebrate, to share.

Take heart and send me an email:

*) and if there is resistance, shame, insecurity etc, to
maybe inquire on whose behalf limiting thoughts/feelings arise.

❤️ Testimonials


Hi @holgerhubbs
Thanks for bringing your organizational tools and insights into my life.
You may have made all the difference in making this work.

Rhett Smith, Monterey

Wave Street Studios

I love it!
… and I can vouch for your talent as a teacher.



Thank you for a fresh and daring expression through the oldest understanding with love.

I appreciate all your efforts every week keeping up this platform and newsletters.


[Holger] You continue (as usual) to amaze me with the quality and diversity of your mind and artistic talents. Thank you so very much for the lovely wonderful full of energy and beauty card. I am very fortunate to know you and have you value me enough to share yourself and your creations. Thank you.

Julian Bills

Hotel Broker

Holger Hubbs continues to provide his technical expertise and creativity enabling me to reach far beyond my expectations in utilizing and extending my effectiveness in the use of my computer.

Walter Bilger

Artist and Counselor – M.A. Fine Art (Humboldt State University),
M.A. Social Science (Phillips Institute)

You are a Wizard !!
By the way !!!

Michelle Bolling


Trello allows me to empty my mind as if to a trusted friend. From this empty place, I find simple joy flowing freely.

Jules Henry

Founder of Sveglio, Big Sur

I spent two one-on-one training sessions with Holger. As a person who is easily frustrated with technology, I found Holger’s instruction to be patient and very individualized.
I came to our first lesson with a list of things I specifically wanted to accomplish. Holger referred to the list several times through out the lessons, ensuring that we covered each item.

He also quickly grasped how I was hoping to use my new skills, and showed me additional techniques and shortcuts to facilitate in my goals.

Holger takes his time explaining things, is gracious about repeating things or explaining them in a different way, and is happy to tailor his instruction to an individual. I highly recommend him for one-on-one instruction.


Blind & Visually Impaired Center

Very cool. I’m inspired and grateful for your help. … Thank you for all the input and LIGHT. I got inspired and ripped through my piles. It seemed the old outdated junk paper … it was easier to throw away, and quickly. Looking forward to getting more paperless.
Peace out.



Dear Holger, your card is exquisite! […] You have a wonderful eye, focusing on beauty or details that would by most, go unobserved! As we know, the marketing of the product is perhaps the most difficult part but it’ll come easier.

Elsbeth Foster


… Last but not least your work is beautiful and I love the feel of the paper as well. You are a very talented artist with a beautiful, humble heart to match.



Hi Holger,
What a brilliant set up and glorious feedbacks.
It think it is so clever simple and intuitive way to help people and inspire them.
Well done!!

Nathan ❤️

Potential Side-Effects


Improved focus

When you’re not stressed, you’re better able to concentrate on the task at hand – here and now, which can lead to better quality work and faster completion times.


Increased creativity

Stress can inhibit your ability to think creatively, but when you’re not stressed, you’re more likely to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.


Better health

Stress can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health, so reducing stress levels can lead to better overall health and well-being.

How to get out of suffering?

Most people in developed countries work hard merely to pay for the time to distract themselves.

David Parrish

How to get out of the mess?

…Simple and playful, while at the same time dead-serious, because life is precious and irreplaceable.

Let’s start with some words… not as empty philosophy, not as pain-killers, but relevant, useful, practical.

I do not offer or promise quick-fixes. From experience I know that positive change happens when human beings meet with an open mind and heart.

Beyond eagerness, intention and information there is a nurturing and inspiring in-team-a-see, a fresh energy, always available.


I strongly dislike sales-calls!

To me it feels like betrayal when people try to lure me into spending money for things I don’t need.

Like you, I am using money to pay for things and services.

My regular hourly rate for commercial work is $60, in 15 minute increments.

Let’s see how we resonate…

Here and now!


I am offering you 20 minutes of my time, for free;
dedicated, uninterrupted, present.

Let’s see if I can be of service to you, to delightfully detect and relax friction in your day-to-day operations, to potentially clarify a subtle lifelong misunderstanding.

Say hello, send me a short email: